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  You can submit your suggestion in this page.You can contribute:
  • A new english word with its meaning.

  • Add a new meaning to an existing word.

  • Suggest a spelling correction to an existing word.

   Just enter the english word and its meaning in the corresponding fields and click on submit button.

   After submission, your suggestion will be under process.This suggestion along with the suggestions of all the other users will be validated by our team and the one which is valid will be taken into consideration.

You can type your suggestion in telugu by using RTS keyboard.This is like typing your language in English and let the program replace with right characters of the intended language.

For Ex: say you want to type a name like Ramakrishna. With Phonetic layout, you will type as "rAmakrishnA". Note the small letters and Caps letter combinations. This is to differentiate the different Phonetic sounds.